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Shopware enables every user to create their own professional online shop within a very short time. The ever-popular shop system is already more than 15 years old and can therefore draw on years of experience. Through constant further development, Shopware has grown into an internationally used and widespread shop system since its foundation in Switzerland in 2003.

We offer you the possibility to use Shopware on reliable and powerful servers. Through the simple user interface Plesk, you can easily manage your web space in the web hosting. You benefit from maximum loading times thanks to powerful servers with PHP 7.2 and 7.3. However, since older Shopware versions often only run with PHP 5.6, we also have this option available for you.

On request, you will receive support and assistance from our experienced hosting experts at any time. In addition, we guarantee daily backups so that all your data is secured at all times. You can access this data subsequently for up to one month and load and use it again with just a few clicks.

eCommerce S

Enterprise Server

Performance class A

eCommerce M

Enterprise Server

Performance class A+

eCommerce L

Enterprise Server

Performance class A+++

All prices incl. VAT, 12 months minimum term

Shopware Server Configuration

What is really important in the settings

Thanks to our experience in web hosting, your Shopware server will be successfully set up in no time. The server settings in particular play an important role in the long-term success of your online shop. This is because you can only offer your visitors and customers the best online shopping experience if the servers are reliable and powerful.

For this reason, we use innovative accelerators for PHP. These include APCu and OPcache, as well as Varnish Caching. All these options ensure that the most frequently used data is stored in the cache so that it can be used more quickly. This improves the speed of PHP and thus the speed of your online shop enormously.

Of course, we only use our own hard disk space and secure servers for web hosting. This way we can guarantee you maximum speed and security of our SSD data carriers. You can access the desired data securely and without any problems within a very short time.

Since the Shopware shop system consumes a lot of data, it is important that we can provide the foundation for its use. This is ensured by short access times and fast servers in the course of our hosting offer.

Overview of our advantages for your Shopware online shop:

  • Fast data processing through SSL and HTTP2
  • Optimised database structures for high traffic volumes
  • Extremely short loading times through APCu, Varnish Caching & OPcache
  • Huge storage space for regular backups on own servers
  • Daily backups of all data and permanent monitoring by experts
  • Secure firewalls & protection against brute force and DDos attacks

eCommerce S

Setup: free of charge

eCommerce M

Setup: free of charge

eCommerce L

Setup: free of charge

Server performance class

64-Bit Enterprise Server min. 16 CPU Threads Highspeed I/O

64-Bit Enterprise Server min. 24 CPU Threads Highspeed I/O

64-Bit Enterprise Server min. 24 CPU Threads Highspeed I/O GOLIATH Serverklasse

Webspace (storage space)


300 GB SSD

600 GB SSD

MySQL databases




SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt free of charge

Let’s Encrypt free of charge

Let’s Encrypt free of charge

Unlimited traffic

E-mail accounts 5 GB each




Huge backup volumeDaily, fully automatic backup of your WEB, MySQL and e-mail data on our encrypted storages
Daily full backups up to 10 days storage
Daily full backups up to 30 days storage
Daily full backups up to 30 days storage
Additional off-site backupDaily backup on one of our German data centre locations independent of the server

Multi-account functionalityReal multi-user capability through optional sub-accounts with own server access and management Sub-leasing to third parties possible

Unlimited traffic volume

File manager

SSH and sFTP access

Root access

Cronjobs / Tasks
Video server

PHP memory_limit
512 MB
1024 MB
2048 MB
PHP-FPM, APCu, OpCache
PHP-FPM, APCu, OpCache
PHP-FPM, APCu, OpCache

DDoS protection

allow_url_fopen enabled

Number of domains
max. 10
Number of subdomains
50 per Domain
100 per Domain
Secure SSL encryption

Own SSL certificates possible https address under own domain

1x free of charge

2x free of charge

5x free of charge
Own SSL server certificates
max. 2
max. 6
max. 10
E-mail alias addresses

Configurable mailing lists

Webmail access


SitecontrolSoftware to manage the server



Java Servlets / JSP (Tomcat)

CGI-Scripte (Perl, C++, Python)

webDAV / network drive

MySQL databases
SSH and sFTP access

PHP 7.4

PHP 7.3

PHP 7.2

PHP 7.1

PHP 7.0

PHP 5.6

PHP 5.3

PHP 5.2


Server location Germany100% on own systems, up-to-date enterprise class technology, self-developed server platforms, no reselling, no access by third parties, competence of more than 17 years

Professional support round the clock24/7 direct contact to our admins – no call center, no delays, fast, competent, friendly

Advantages of Shopware

Why Shopware is interesting as a store system

Applicable for B2C and B2B online stores

Convinces through scalability and performance

On Premise or cloud-based use for eCommerce

Versatile usability for different frontends and sales channels

Compared to a variety of other shop systems, Shopware offers countless advantages. Shopware stands out first and foremost due to its simple user interface and easy operation. Even absolute beginners in the field of online shops have the possibility to set up a professional online shop in no time. You do not need any previous knowledge of programming or eCommerce in general.

The self-explanatory shop system also has an innovative and appealing design. This makes creating a coherent and actually professional online shop an easy task. So it is best to test the possibilities of Shopware yourself in the course of our Shopware hosting offer.

Furthermore, Shopware is an open system, which means you can expand it at any time. Use more than 1,700 exciting and practical plugins for Shopware and optimize your online shop just the way you want it. Similar to the well-known WordPress, the plugins can be easily activated and deactivated.

Shopware’s API is also open, allowing you to add third-party systems to your Shopware online shop. These can basically be from any provider of software and can be added and removed relatively easily. Especially when it comes to payment in your online shop, a software provider with an innovative and secure payment system can be very helpful.

As a Shopware online shop operator, you can modify your shop at any time and benefit from countless possibilities of the provider. Use different versions and the wide community of Shopware on the net. With Shopware you can also enjoy the free offer, which is ideal especially for your first online shop project.

Of course, for larger projects there is also the so-called Professional Edition of Shopware. This offers numerous additional options in addition to the foundation of the Standard Edition. These include digital publishing and storytelling, but also many other functions.

Furthermore, the Professional Plus Edition of Shopware, as a more advanced version, has even more functions. The crowning glory in terms of Shopware versions is the Enterprise Edition. The high-end version of Shopware offers the maximum performance and functional density. Therefore, the Enterprise Edition is suitable for large online shops with many thousands of visitors.

Who can use Shopware for their online shop?

In principle, Shopware can of course be used by anyone. Due to the different versions, the software provider addresses many different target groups. For this reason, Shopware is a very popular online shop system in eCommerce. So if you are planning your own online shop with a product range on the Internet, then Shopware offers you all the possibilities.

It doesn’t matter if your offer is only limited to the online market or if you also run an offline store in parallel. Shopware is the ideal way to get started, especially if you are new to online shops. Not only will you quickly find your way around the provider’s shop system, but you will also be able to implement your ideas within a very short time. If you want to set up an online shop as a sole trader or have only a few employees, then Shopware is exactly the right choice for you and your business.

Maximum security and shortest runtimes with Shopware

Through the years of experience of Shopware, the shop system could be optimized more and more. Therefore, in recent years there have been a variety of updates in terms of security and performance, as well as a constant expansion of the range of functions. Almost monthly, there are new updates that ensure that you as a user have the maximum security for your online shop. For this purpose, Shopware offers a security plugin that performs the security updates itself. Alternatively, you can of course do this yourself. By checking the runtime, you can see how long your online shop has been running on a specific Shopware edition. Therefore, it is best to always make sure that your online shop is up to date.

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Backup & Security

You benefit from up to one month of backups of your important data through our nightly backups.

As part of the update package, you will receive personal support from our technical specialists in updating your website.

Security first

The security of your data is our top priority. That’s why we use the most up-to-date security and encryption systems.

In addition, our fully automated security algorithms and firewall provide extra protection.