Magento2 Server

High-performance server perfectly tailored to Magento2

Your own online shop with just a few clicks

With Magento2 you get a very popular and recognized system for online shops and eCommerce. Many operators of successful online shops build on Magento. Besides the versatile shop software, hosting also plays an important role for Magento2. Thus, in addition to SSH server access, also very important are Use 64-bit utilities for scaling images as well as sufficient cronjobs for process handling.

As part of our web hosting offer, we provide reliable and secure servers with Plesk. In addition, we take care of all important configurations of the servers and for PHP. So you get a fast and reliable Magento online store.

In addition, we offer daily backups, which we store for you for up to three months. You can quickly and easily reload these backups onto the server at any time. Our hosting experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

eCommerce S

Enterprise Server

Performance class A

eCommerce M

Enterprise Server

Performance class A+

eCommerce L

Enterprise Server

Performance class A+++

All prices incl. VAT, 12 months minimum term

Magento 2

Great popularity and widespread use around the world

The shop software Magento is used worldwide for many online shops. Studies also prove the popularity of the shop system. Therefore, it is not surprising that many successful operators of online shops also use Magento1 and now Magento2 with great satisfaction. The new version added many innovations in terms of functionality. At the same time, Magento1 data can be easily and directly transferred to Magento2.

Magento2 is based on an ideal foundation and gathers an international community of developers. Our aspiration has always been to be the best online shop system solution on the market for all types of businesses. With the new version as well as the resulting new software architecture, Magento has achieved this at the latest.

Customize the functions of Magento individually to your company and benefit from the high stability and reliability of the software. Without failures or breakdowns, but with countless functions and maximum power, you can build your successful online shop with Magento. To do this, you can first access the free open source version and then the enterprise version of Magento.

We provide you with the optimal basis for Magento hosting thanks to our experience in web hosting. In addition, we provide you with sufficient storage space as well as powerful servers. With us you will find the perfect web hosting offer for your Magento online shop.

eCommerce S

Setup: free of charge

eCommerce M

Setup: free of charge

eCommerce L

Setup: free of charge

Server performance class

64-Bit Enterprise Server min. 16 CPU Threads Highspeed I/O

64-Bit Enterprise Server min. 24 CPU Threads Highspeed I/O

64-Bit Enterprise Server min. 24 CPU Threads Highspeed I/O GOLIATH Serverklasse

Webspace (storage space)


300 GB SSD

600 GB SSD

MySQL databases




SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt free of charge

Let’s Encrypt free of charge

Let’s Encrypt free of charge

Unlimited traffic

E-mail accounts 5 GB each




Huge backup volumeDaily, fully automatic backup of your WEB, MySQL and e-mail data on our encrypted storages
Daily full backups up to 10 days storage
Daily full backups up to 30 days storage
Daily full backups up to 30 days storage
Additional off-site backupDaily backup on one of our German data centre locations independent of the server

Multi-account functionalityReal multi-user capability through optional sub-accounts with own server access and management Sub-leasing to third parties possible

Unlimited traffic volume

File manager

SSH and sFTP access

Root access

Cronjobs / Tasks
Video server

PHP memory_limit
512 MB
1024 MB
2048 MB
PHP-FPM, APCu, OpCache
PHP-FPM, APCu, OpCache
PHP-FPM, APCu, OpCache

DDoS protection

allow_url_fopen enabled

Number of domains
max. 10
Number of subdomains
50 per Domain
100 per Domain
Secure SSL encryption

Own SSL certificates possible https address under own domain

1x free of charge

2x free of charge

5x free of charge
Own SSL server certificates
max. 2
max. 6
max. 10
E-mail alias addresses

Configurable mailing lists

Webmail access


SitecontrolSoftware to manage the server



Java Servlets / JSP (Tomcat)

CGI-Scripte (Perl, C++, Python)

webDAV / network drive

MySQL databases
SSH and sFTP access

PHP 7.4

PHP 7.3

PHP 7.2

PHP 7.1

PHP 7.0

PHP 5.6

PHP 5.3

PHP 5.2


Server location Germany100% on own systems, up-to-date enterprise class technology, self-developed server platforms, no reselling, no access by third parties, competence of more than 17 years

Professional support round the clock24/7 direct contact to our admins – no call center, no delays, fast, competent, friendly

What makes a Magento Hosting?

Competence and security with our Magento servers

The basis of a good performance of Magento2 are modern accelerators for PHP. For this, we rely on OPCache, which greatly increases the speed of the PHP code in the cache. This means that the code does not have to be complemented again. In addition, we further increase the performance by using APCu, which stores frequently used data in the cache. This results in minimal response times and protects the system from overload.

At Novinet, we rely exclusively on our own hard drives and our own servers. Our databases are based on fast SSD data carriers and offer maximum security. In addition, we guarantee fast access to your data and thus create all the conditions for the optimal use of Magento2 in our web hosting:

  • Fast data processing and file requests through SSL and HTTP2
  • Maximum data and failure security with up to 2 million files on the vServers
  • Minimal loading times through PHP accelerators (such as OPCache, Varnish Caching or APCu)
  • 24-hour full backups and permanent monitoring
  • Protection against brute force and DDoS attacks through firewalls
  • Many hundreds of visitors per second due to intelligent database structures

The architecture of the software is probably the most serious difference between Magento1 and Magento2. It is based on dependency injections and many other modern principles.

The following are the most important features for Magento 2 web hosting:

  • Support for HHVM3.6 (HipHop Virtual Machine)
  • HTML5, CSS, LESS preprocessor
  • jQuery as UI library and RequireJS
  • Varnish Cache 4 and full page caching
  • Redis
  • Modern JS StackRabbit
  • MQApache Solr search technology
  • PHPUnit
  • Composer