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To ensure that your open source systems are always up to date

Content management systems, also called CMS, make the administration of your website much easier. It doesn’t matter whether you set up your website with WordPress, Magento or Joomla. You do not need any programming knowledge or other technical know-how with any of these options.

Regular updates ensure that the systems and software are always kept up to date. This is not only important in terms of functionality, but above all concerns the data security of the programmes. Updates prevent system errors and close security gaps in the software.

It is very important to install the latest updates as quickly as possible. This is because security gaps are often only recognised at a late stage and can only be closed by appropriate updates. Moreover, plug-ins, modules, themes and extensions are usually only compatible with the latest versions of the software.

As a professional web hosting provider, Novinet is always there to support you in all matters. As an experienced contact for all questions regarding servers, websites and maintenance, we also take care of new software updates. You can therefore rely on us to take care of the respective updates in terms of security and functionality.

In addition, we offer you comprehensive maintenance as well as personal service in the area of server and software maintenance and updates in the course of our hosting offer.

Our maintenance package includes the following services:

Immediate updating of new cores and security updates.

  • The latest versions of your CMS software at all times
  • Checking functionality for new updates
  • Constant checking of your system for new updates
  • Daily creation of backups of the database

As an experienced web hosting partner, we always have the interests of our customers in mind. Therefore, we ensure maximum security and reliability of the servers, databases and any software applications. You are welcome to contact us via our form with an individual request. Based on our many years of expertise in the field of web hosting, we will provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have.

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