SSD Hosting​

State-of-the-art high performance servers at Novinet

At Novinet you can expect the latest servers made of bare metal as well as virtualized servers. We also have clusters and mail systems based and running on high-performance SSD hard drives.

SSD Enterprise-grade Data Center

To ensure maximum performance for our web hosting customers, we rely on SSD Enterprise-grade Data Center from Samsung. The market leader offers maximum performance of up to 195,000 IOPS. We also rely on maximum secure and super fast RAID 10 arrays in combination with high-end controllers.

This powerful foundation enables us to offer you incredible performance. We are talking about maximum fail-safety and a doubling of SSD speed. So, state-of-the-art servers offer you an enormously strong, fast and secure performance for your web projects in our web hosting.

Climate neutral web hosting

Of course, we are not only aware of our responsibility towards our customers, but also towards the environment. Therefore, we have significantly reduced the consumption of electricity for our hosting through the new generation of processors and by replacing the old HDD hard drives. This makes our web hosting climate neutral! Novinet only relies on excellent green electricity, which is obtained from renewable energy sources.

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