Performance & Scaling

Often the hardware used in web hosting has its limits when it comes to larger numbers of accesses. However, we rely on hardware extensions, which saves you from problems with a large number of simultaneous accesses. This easy expandability of our systems offers you maximum performance and scalability.

Advantages of scaling

Due to the easy scaling of our systems, you always have the best possible performance in our web hosting, which we charge according to your needs. In addition, you benefit from short access times to databases and in application and system executions. This is supported by our double redundant 10 Gbit NVMe SSD storage and direct RAM cache. This results in maximum fast read operations in our hosting offering.

Maximum security and quality thanks to NVMe SSD performance

We exclusively use NVMe SSD hard disks in our web hosting. These are characterized by extremely high performance and effectiveness. At the same time, the security against crashes and failures is very high. The basis of these convincing facts is the direct access to the local hard disk.

Stability during maintenance thanks to dynamic scaling

The individual scalability allows us to change processors, memory and RAM during operation. Therefore, maintenance of individual components is not a problem. Scaling takes place within a few seconds and there are no disruptions to services or applications. At the same time, there is a concrete monitoring of the utilization of any server and service. This allows us to carry out the configurations in the best possible way to get the maximum performance out of them.

Optimal performance thanks to low latency networks

For distributed file systems, we offer strong performance. The responsiveness of our systems has been increased tenfold by 10 GBit networks. As a result, the internal transfer of data in our hosting is optimal and is the basis for our high performance.

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