PHP 7.4​

The new PHP 7.4 offers the absolute maximum in performance

PHP 7.4 available for all web hosting packages

At Novinet, PHP 7.4.0 is already included in all web hosting packages. This gives you maximum performance for your web projects. PHP 7.4 is the latest PHP version and represents a further improvement in performance compared to PHP 7.3.

The most interesting feature of the new version is the so-called preloading. Here, different units of code, which include traits as well as classes and interfaces, are already available for the execution of the programme. The loading and execution times of the code units have thus been significantly reduced.

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In combination with our High Performance Servers, PHP 7.4 represents the optimal and powerful foundation for your web projects. Run your blogs, websites or shops with incredibly fast access and processing speeds. Behind the following link you will find all the new features of PHP 7.4. Simply click here.

Of course, your web hosting package also includes the older PHP versions, from PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.3, so you can enjoy maximum compatibility. You are welcome to run and manage different domains and subdomains with different PHP versions at your convenience.

Faster execution of code units thanks to preloading

The main reason for the increased performance of PHP 7.4 is definitely the preloading. This replaced autoloading, which has been used since PHP 5.0, and sets new standards. The main difference of the new method is that the various code units, such as traits, classes or interfaces, are already available for the execution of the programme. So they do not have to be loaded first, which greatly improves speed.

For this purpose, PHP 7.4 relies on OPCache. This is a procedure in which an innovative script for PHP is stored on the user’s hard disk. This keeps the code units for programme execution always at hand. However, there are also certain requirements in terms of deployment for various productive applications that are based on PHP.

PHP 8 is already up for release

PHP 7.4 is the last PHP version in the PHP 7 series. The new PHP 8 is already on its way and should be released soon. As early as the end of 2020, in December to be precise, PHP 8 should celebrate its official release. The new JIT compilers of PHP 8 should ensure even better performance.

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