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Your own data storage on your cloud server

Data backup 2.0 with your own cloud server

The cloud is a fixed storage location on the Internet. In addition to photos and videos, other files such as texts or contacts can also be stored there. First of all, anyone can access this from anywhere. But in most cases, clouds are protected with a self-selected password (usually in combination with an email).

There are more and more new cloud providers. Even the established companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and many others have their own cloud offers. They are usually much more present than the small providers, but they also have considerable disadvantages. Due to the large number of users and the enormous amounts of data stored in the clouds, the servers are overloaded. The numerous free offers attract many users and their data. Therefore, these service providers store all the data on large servers.

The more renowned provider of open source applications Own Cloud uses a different concept here. Through the Google-independent cloud, web hosting customers can now store and access their data securely and conveniently in Own Cloud. Own Cloud’s offer is being used more and more and has many enthusiastic customers.

What the Own Cloud offers you

Basically, the Own Cloud offer is a type of alternative data backup. Alternative does not mean insecure or unreliable; quite the opposite! – You receive a personal cloud as part of the Own Cloud package, which is included in your hosting web space. Through this own cloud, only you have access to the cloud server, which means that your data enjoys maximum security and confidentiality. 

Only you decide who has access to your cloud and who does not. Own Cloud offers you all the possibilities; you can digitally back up photos or videos, texts, files or entire folders as you wish. In addition, Own Cloud is convenient and easy to use. You can not only access your data via a web browser on your hosting web space, but also easily via a smartphone app. 

In addition, you can use your Own Cloud for conflict-free file sharing. So whether you want to share your photos with family or calculations with business partners, the data can be shared in no time at all. Own Cloud now has more than 50 million satisfied customers around the world. This makes Own Cloud the market leader in the field of open-source cloud applications.

Simple file sharing

Own Cloud combines the security of a personal cloud with the features of a public cloud. Share your data with your acquaintances in a secure way and be confident of a safe transfer.

Your private cloud

In Novinet's web hosting, your Own Cloud is made available to you on your own server. Therefore, you alone have full access to your private cloud and can securely store and manage any data there.

Large community

As with almost all open source applications, Own Cloud also brings together a large international community. This is protected and supported by Own Cloud's own foundation. This allows you to easily integrate new functions and extensions into your Own Cloud system at any time, completely free of charge.

Connection with computers and smartphones

Your data is stored centrally on your Own Cloud server. There, your data is not only permanently protected, but also permanently accessible to you. For this purpose, in addition to a free MAC and Windows application for the desktop computer, you also have the option of a free app for your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. This way, your data is constantly synchronised and can be securely transferred between the registered devices.

ownCloud S (50GB)

ownCloud (250GB)

ownCloud L (1000GB)

All prices incl. VAT, 12 months minimum term

Cloud Collaboration Platform

Private Cloud, Community based

With over 50 million users worldwide, ownCloud is one of the market-leading open source cloud systems. Owncloud is an alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Private Cloud

The ownCloud software is provided to you on a Novinet server. This means that you alone can use this cloud and it will only be managed according to your policies.

Community based

The community is the heart of ownCloud and one of the largest open source teams worldwide – supported and secured by the ownCloud Foundation. This allows you to install extensions conveniently and free of charge.

File sharing

Flexibility of a public cloud with the security of a private cloud. The data stays and IT is able to manage the corporate risk.

Connect ownCloud with PC and mobile phone

Store your data centrally in a cloud – secured and protected from attacks. For ownCloud there is a free desktop programme for PC or MAC as well as apps for mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to synchronise data between your devices securely and on a server that is tailored to your needs.

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